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Light burned magnesium
Fineness, the price of light burned magnesium of many manufacturers is 10-30 yuan lower than the market price. One of the reasons is that the passing rate is about 10% lower than the national standard, or even less than 15%.
Not all mineral products with the same content and other similar physical and chemical indexes have similar physical and chemical indexes.
The price of light burned magnesium containing 75% MgO is 30 yuan more than that of 85% MgO. The price of products with the same content will differ by about 100 yuan.
There is only one kind of fineness inspection screen that can meet the international standards in China. Not all manufacturers use the national standard inspection screen.
If there is a plan to purchase mineral products, it's better to ask the supplier to provide samples, conduct tests first and then purchase the products for reference only.
The length, width and height of the self-made mould are 50 * 20 * 10 (mm). 30g light calcined powder is added with quantitative pure water until the consumption of light calcined magnesium and water are evenly mixed. The quality can be identified by pouring the light calcined magnesium with water into the mould, pressing and flattening with glass sheet, drying at room temperature for 20 minutes and measuring the bearing capacity.
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